The term tui na  means “grasp and pull,” and refers to being a part of a wide range of clinical modalities utilised in Chinese Medicine.

It is used to address specific patterns of disharmony, according to the same principles as applied in acupuncture. Like the objective of acupuncture, tuina is applied to harmonize the yin and yang or similarly the homeostasis of the body (maintenance of a constant internal environment) by assisting the Qi or otherwise energy along specific pathways of the body known as meridians.

It utilises “acupressure,” in the treatment, which involves pressure of the fingers, knuckles, elbow or fist to stimulate the function of acupuncture points pressure instead of using needles.

Many people seek the treatment for stiff neck, distension of shoulders, sciatica, and sore back. Tui Na can be used to address both internal diseases and external injuries. It relieves multiple disorders including insomnia, constipation, headaches, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, and emotional problems. It can also treat disorders related to digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems.

It is also used when acupuncture may be difficult i.e with children.

Similar to Sports Massage Therapy, Chinese Medicine practitioners using tuina may advice clients or patients to do self-massage and certain exercises commonly used in Qi Gong, which is also another modality in Chinese Medicine.

Tui Na can be used to approach specific areas of concern, or it can be used to improve the overall Qi or energy throughout the body. Because Tui Na works with a whole system, the treatment often benefits physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

It addresses main concerns of the body as a whole by altering the energy levels of the biological system and adjusting the bio-feedback of the body.







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