“A jade stone is born with great beauty and does not need to be adorned by gold or silver.”

Lao Zi (570 BC)



Lao Zi was a great Chinese Philosopher who elaborated the concept of the Tao, and emobied the idea of conformity to nature. He perfectly expressed that; “The great ingenious should be like clumsy” … Simply, natural is beautiful.

Lao Zi’s theory greatly influenced Chinese Cosmetology over Ancient China, which continued to esteem the Natural as the pinnacle of beauty.

However, “being beautiful without health is morbid beauty.” The effects of pursuing innate beauty can be maintained long term and have beneficial effects to general health, although it may take a few months until results are observed. Whereas the effects of pursuing physical beauty alone will provide instantaneous results but cannot be kept for long.

There is a growing demand for an organic method of assisting the process of graceful aging and longevity, which not only involves treatment of the body, but also the recognition of the mind-spirit connection in the healing process. Constitutional Face Acupuncture completes this demand, as it links inner beauty and radiance with outer physical reflection. This unique modality empowers and encourages us to reassess how we think about beauty and aging. It offers preventative alternative to cosmetic surgery and other invasive procedures and takes an integrative approach to health and addresses the totality of an individual to enhance both beauty and longevity, while simultaneously promoting quality of life and youthful vigour.

The system of Constitutional Face Acupuncture is a wonderful way to support the individual transformational process. The face functions as a natural barometer of health and well-being of the entire body. Extra attention is focused on an individual’s superficial concerns. Facial features and characteristics are evaluated to identify internally associated and underlying factors contributing to those specific concerns. Imbalances both physical and innate are rectified over an essential period to achieve an ultimate therapy of optimum health and physical radiance. With a constitutionally based treatment strategy, individuals are guided along a path of increased health and the experience to greater harmony inside and out.

Rejuvenation as commonly used in the cosmetic industry implies the restoration of youthful features and appearance. Constitutional Face Acupuncture instead employs the term renewal which refers to an ability to regenerate and transform oneself while freshly resuming life after an interval of trauma or change. Therefore, its purpose is to support an individual’s evolutionary development on a spiritual level, not just to make them look youthful. This approach supports an individual’s process of change, while simultaneously cultivating renewal and increasing longevity in every season of their lives.

The freedom and self-understanding that result from this transformative journey offers individuals to exhibit qualities of individual beauty that belie their age and outward appearance. These attributes are manifestations of the most profound depths of soul.







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