Your body is out of balance and the hope is just to re-gain back control. The labels imposed on various conditions are wide and varied. However, there is more to know than just being given a label for a condition, for one person diagnosed with one condition can be treated differently from another individual diagnosed with the same condition. Our body functions with such sophistication and tuning that when a disturbance occurs from immune system, we begin to fight a internal battle with bodies which accompany various manifestations. Chinese Medical theory takes the condition and differentiates the syndromes identified to strategize the best approach to tweeze out underlying factors.

Back to basics:

Our immune systems are our army to protect us against the invasion of infectious disease into our body. It is a whole mechanism which involves an innate immune system and an acquired immune system. Both employ white blood cells. The difference is that the acquired immune system employs a white blood cell known as lymphocytes and it stores a memory of all foreign harmful bodies that would be destroyed if they re-occur.

The innate immune system which is inborn within each of us, employs white blood cells too, known as granulocytes and monocytes that also destroy substances. However, anything that is assumed foreign can trigger the innate immune response. For unknown reasons to conventional medicine, this part of the immune system can be the perpetrator for causing inflammation and attacks on the body, without an invasion of harmful antibodies or antigens.

In Chinese Medical theory, each disturbance of a person’s immune system is critically evaluated to investigate likely causes and the relation to the current manifestations. It is important to respect the body, that when it reacts to reject something abnormal which has caused a violation, the manifestations that arise should not be supressed to make it appear the condition is under control, as unless the root is eliminated, a suppressed immune will just lie dormant like a volcano. Only being able to identify what has caused the disruption and has continued to, will the condition be genuinely approached.

Suggested Treatments and Prices:


It is best to understand Acupuncture as electrical organising energy, that utilises two main tools which are Qi and meridians. Qi is simply intelligent metabolism, that is, it is formed of electricity which carries necessary biological information. Meridians are clear pathways for this Qi to be transported. That is, it offers least resistance to travel along, and allows free movement and space…

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45 MIN            |          60 MIN          

£55                          £65    


Drawing up the skin opens up the skin's pores, which helps to stimulate the flow of blood, balances and realigns the flow of energy, breaks up obstructions, and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body….

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30 MIN            |          45 MIN         

£40                  |          £55


Similarly to cupping, Gua Sha does also cause temporary bruising (sha) of the skin, which fades within the week. The colour and intensity of the 'sha' is both a diagnositic and prognostic indication of the severity of the toxicity, stagnation of blood circulation or internal fever. It is highly effective for managing pain and approaching colds or flu’s, especially if here are respiratory issues or high fever…

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30 MIN           |           £40      


The technique involves a range of specialised and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to move lymph, which lie under the skin, towards the direction of the lymph flow, and stimulates the lymphatic vessels. It is an effective method, to deliver relief to chronic conditions such as sinus, chronic colds, congestion and swollen lymph nodes…

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30 MIN | 45 MIN | 60 MIN | 90 MIN

£40       | £50       | £65        | £100

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