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We will be 
introducing your
new wellness 
space very soon,
with more to come.



It’s FEBRUARY when we’re in Love!


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Love yourself a little 



We believe in…

FREEDOM of choice

EDUCATION is power

KNOWLEDGE is truth and must be shared

TIME is valuable and cannot be brought back

HELP is not limited or restricted

RESPECT  is for every individual and for each other

LOVE thy self is the only rule


Who's Behind it

“Being a practitioner has never just been a job. It is a genuine passion and interest which involves understanding the whole philosophy of life, and living life. What is life without living it anyhow?!….”


Our Treatments

“Most treatments may offer an approach to similar issues, however, each modality of treatment has its own strengths and weaknesses and this is what benefits approaching each person, as an individual. We do not see just one entity of your body. Our body is far more complicated than that and you will understand why.”


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“Book in and leave the rest in our hands.”


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Sat: 8am-5pm

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